Our Company

Our Philosophy

Our people and experience broaden our knowledge, providing us with information.

Our individual research on every single new project helps shape this knowledge and information into a fresh, new idea. Our work transforms this idea into a vision. The result? The outcome with our recognizable signature. It is in our interest that the result is bespoke and tailored for our clients, as this will further enrich our happy client portfolio and will give us a new reason to throw a party.

Our tradition

Our firm has a long tradition. It all started back in the ‘70s as the vision of a young student of Architecture, Christos Kouloukouris. In the years that followed, Christos sought out new challenges and more fascinating projects. We can now claim with pride that his work has shaped the image of modern Thessaloniki. His passion was contagious and his son Alexandros started sketching from an early age. He studied architecture at the University of Westminster in London, while his love and interest for technology and the environment led him to Oxford University where we was awarded MSc in Energy Efficient Building.

The journey

After completing his studies, Alexandros explored and worked in the United Kingdom for several years, working on private projects including the Athens Concert Hall Organization (OMMA). Upon returning to Greece, he worked on the design and construction of a luxury estate of 150 private residences in Kassandra peninsula, Chalkidiki. From then until 2015, the architectural firm has been managed by two inquisitive minds who are always seeking new ways to incorporate the latest trends and innovations into the Greek architecture and construction industry.

Design for People

Over the past two years, Alexandros has been fully dedicated to building a team of passionate architects and professionals whose ideas will share our company’s vision, "Design for people", where no one will be afraid to play with and imitate daring solutions in classic and timeless architectural design.

We invite you to explore and evaluate our work.

Our story

  • 1969

    Establishment: In 1969, a group of young architects and engineers started working together and established the technical company ‘Ch. Kouloukouris - D. Mertzios - G. Papathanasiou - TETRAKTIS General Partnership’. In the years that followed, the company came into its own, carrying out many projects and designs that stood out for their aesthetic and architectural approach.
  • 1980

    An architectural step: As specializing gained more and more ground, architectural designs developed into a new dynamic schema under the name ‘Ch. Kouloukouris & Partners’.
  • 1982

    Designed Lida-Maria complex, Thermi, Thessaloniki
  • 1990

    Specializing: The company’s continuous development and specializing in designs leads to the separation into various specializations.
  • 1997

    Participation on the Board of ‘Thessaloniki 1997, Cultural Capital of Europe’.
  • 2003

    New members: Alexandros Kouloukouris, Architect, joins the company, breathing new life into the area of projects construction.
  • 2005

    Development of ‘Konstantinidis Estate’, at Hanioti, Chalkidiki. This is a model complex of 150 residences showcasing local architecture blending in with the contemporary way of living.
  • 2009

    ‘Kouloukouris and Partners L.P’ is established with fresh staff being recruited.
  • 2012

    Renovation of Sherrill Quadrangle school complex in the context of ΕuINNOVATE.
  • 2016

    Assigned for the architectural design and supervision of Perrotis New College, part of the American Farm School, focusing on features of sustainability.
  • Today

    The company’s continuous development and specialization in design has led to a firm with separated specializations. As specializing has gained more and more ground, architectural designs have been transformed into a new dynamic schema under the company name of ‘Kouloukouris & Associates’.
  • 2020

    The company is to participate in the EU-funded research project ‘End User Integration, Innovation & Entrepreneurship’ to shape a green EU-economy.

Our people

Christos Kouloukouris


He was born in Thessaloniki, where he finished his studies at the Aristotle University. He worked as a Research Fellow in the Architectural Morphology and Stylistics Lab at the School of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

He was a shareholder in ‘TROPALIS’ Consultancy and then founder of the Architectural Firm “Ch. Kouloukouris & Partners”. His work has been recognized throughout Greece, while designs implemented by the firm have been published in Architecture journals and presented in Architecture and Design Exhibitions.

He was President of the Architects’ Association for three terms and represented the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Thessaloniki Architects Association on several other boards and institutions.

Alexandros Kouloukouris


Born in Thessaloniki, Alexandros studied Architecture at the University of Westminster, London and Oxford Brookes University where he was awarded an MSc in Energy Efficient Building. In 2000, while he was still a university student, he participated in the OTIS international competition and was awarded a Merit Award for being among the finalists.

During his studies, he worked for BDGMcColl Architecture Studio in Bristol on the delivery of Cardiff Bay Development Projects. In 2003, he returned to Thessaloniki to support “Kouloukouris & Associates”. He has been working on projects throughout all their stages (conceptual design – schematic design – project management –administration). His real interest lies in implementing designs with more environmentally friendly practices as well as his focus on all the details and his concern for the delivery of a satisfactory result, all of which maintain undiminished his deep passion for architecture. He spends his free time with his family.